Naomi Kawashima

Mon, 28 Sep 2015 04:46:07 GMT

Korea Portal (English Edition)

Naomi Kawashima Dead At 54; Husband Confirms As He Announces The News On Facebook
Korea Portal (English Edition)
Earlier this month Japanese actress Naomi Kawashima updated her official blog, thanking her fans for their concerns about her health. She had her gallbladder removed from a surgery a year and a half ago, and she wrote that she tries to eat slowly yet ...

Mon, 04 Jan 2016 23:44:39 GMT

Japan Today

Top 10 searched keywords from Japanese Google in 2015 include terrorism, rugby, and Splatoon
Japan Today
Another name that might not be too familiar outside of Japan, Naomi Kawashima was a famous actress both on and off the stage. She died of cancer last year, causing many in Japan to take to the Internet to find out what happened and to remember her works.

Fri, 25 Sep 2015 11:00:28 GMT


Lama Perangi Kanker, Aktris Naomi Kawashima Meninggal Dunia
Showbiz, Tokyo Aktris Naomi Kawashima dikabarkan telah meninggal dunia di usia 54 tahun setelah tubuhnya kalah dari penyakit kanker saluran empedu intrahepatik yang telah lama diderita olehnya. Dilansir dari Oricon melalui Tokyo Hive, Jumat ...